Friday, May 06, 2005


More funny scrabble words:

maigre \ adj containing neither flesh nor its juices
hapax hapaxes \ n pl. -ES a word that occurs only once

these words make no sense

ekpwele ekpweles \ n pl. -S a former monetary unit of Equatorial Guinea
rotl rotls \ n pl. ROTLS or ARTAL a unit of weight in Muslim countries
pschent pschents \ n pl. -S a crown worn by ancient Egyptian kings

My computer died. I will be getting a new one, but obviously no full posts until then (I'm posting this from work right now).

Upcoming posts:
Boy Meets World
The Adventures of Pete and Pete
Smart Games Puzzle Challenge 3/Princess Maker 2/Spelling Jungle

Probably some other posts in between if I get bored, etc.
The Boy Meets World post is coming up right as soon as I get my new computer though.
Eric: I have a question that I'm going to need a yes or no answer to. How many people get into Yale each year?
Mr. George Feeny: No.

Miss Kelly: All right. The name of the place where the eggs are stored.
Cory: What are... the gonads?
Miss Kelly: No, sorry, I was looking for "What are the ovaries?"
Cory: Oh, the o... yeah, I always mix those two up.
Miss Kelly: Try not to; your future will be brighter. Can you tell us anything about ovulation or how pregnancy occurs?
Cory: Well, the man's got the sperm and the woman's got the egg. Now, once a month an egg slides down the "Phillippine tube" towards the uterus.
Cory: The first sperm to reach the egg wins. It gets a medal, it's born, ya name 'em "Cory", ya push 'em out the door, and nothing makes sense for the rest of his life.
Miss Kelly: Well, congratulations; you seem to have a thorough understanding of the life cycle.
Cory: Hey, I live it!

Mr. George Feeny: [Rachel, Eric, Cory and Topanga are playing the Fiancè Game, and Mr. Feeny has been selected to read the questions] Okay, Rachel, what is Eric's favorite fish?
Rachel McGuire: Umm... penguin!
Mr. George Feeny: No, I don't think you understand...
Eric: [Flips up paper with the word penguin written on it] BAM!
Rachel McGuire: Oh, do I know my man?
Eric: It's like we share the same brain.

Alright, that's enough.