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Top 10 TV Shows of 2007

Based only on their televised output during the calendar year 2007.

Top 10 TV Shows of 2007

1. Friday Night Lights (NBC)
2. Pushing Daisies (ABC)
3. How I Met Your Mother (CBS)
4. The 4400 (USA)
5. House (Fox)
6. It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia (FX)
7. Unfabulous (Nickelodeon)
8. Greek (ABC Family)
9. 30 Rock (NBC)
10. The World Series of Pop Culture (VH1)

Comments: I do not get Showtime or HBO and have not seen any of their shows except Entourage, which everybody including me agrees has gone way downhill. I don't like Lost, although I've seen every episode of the show. It has some weird grip on me. My relationship to that show is complicated and I'm not getting into it here. Suffice to say it was not close to making the list. Heroes WAS close to making the list, but its fate was sealed by a mediocre first season finale and a mediocre start to season 2. It's been a weak stretch for reality shows. This has been a pretty boring season of The Real World, excepting Isaac, and have Made or True Life even made any new episodes? I don't buy that American Idol is losing its spark, I still like it but it just didn't quite make the cut. How Do I Look, on the other hand, has totally lost its spark. Hannah Montana just not quite good enough to make the cut, I've been a little disappointed by it lately, though it is cute. I enjoy all of the original series on USA. Burn Notice was the closest to making the list, with its slick and easy charm. Call it number 11 or number 12. Psych is a funny show with no substance that has managed to leave absolutely no lasting impact on me. I like the show more than what Monk has become anyways, though I'm still loving Traylor Howard and looking forward to seeing what she does after she leaves the sinking ship.

Now, as to what did make the list: I agree that FNL has gone a slight bit downhill this season, but it had a big perch to fall from, and the amazing second half of season 1 plus a still good first half of season 2 are good enough to push it to the top. Pushing Daisies is my favorite new show in a while and it only isn't #1 because it's had half as many episodes as FNL. If it can hold it up it will climb to the top. As of right now, I'm completely and totally enamored of almost every aspect of the show. A similar reaction as the one I had to Joan of Arcadia, though obviously of a much smaller magnitude. How I Met Your Mother might have topped this list had "Slap Bet" been released during 2007. Alas, it's December 2006. Still, though, the second half of season 2 and first half of season 3 have been amazing, far better than season 1 was.

The 4400 topped this list last year and fell 3 slots. Actually, I thought this was the best season yet, ending on an awesome cliffhanger (if it gets canceled I'll cut somebody), probably the best episode of any show during 2007. Unless the FNL finale was better. Hmm. It was simply passed up by a show I had never seen at year end 2006, a show that didn't exist yet at year end 2006, and a show that has leaped to the next level since year end 2006. No shame in that. House followed up a mediocre/bad third season with a fourth season that has been a huge step up. Probably my favorite show right now, but those terrible third season episodes were during this year too. It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia continues to be the funniest show on TV, but this season was spottier than the previous 2 and it's possible the formula is starting to wear a bit thin.

The last season of Unfabulous did the show proud. It went out on a bang and I'm very happy for that. Greek was a really awesome trashy summer show. It's one of the most entertaining shows on TV, with truly likable characters and fun plots. Nothing could make me happier than seeing it gain an audience. 30 Rock is a very funny show that I rarely take the effort to watch for some reason. I always like it when I watch it but it has failed to have a lasting impact. Still, I like what I've seen enough to rank it here. The World Series of Pop Culture is an immensely entertaining game show, even if they did leave team Cheaper By The Cousin in the cold.

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Anonymous Juanita said...

You didn't mention Chuck, which I think was the best new show this year, and if you haven't checked it out, you totally need to do so.

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