Sunday, October 28, 2007

Day after day, it's Unfabulous

Unfabulous has returned and, apparently, nobody cares about this except for me.

It used to really bother me that nobody except for me appears to like this show. In fact, for all I know, I'm the biggest fan aged 20 or over of this show in the entire world. It's not like it's my favorite show in the world or anything, but it's probably my 3rd favorite comedy show on TV, behind How I Met Your Mother and It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia and along with Even Stevens and Phil of the Future and a few others, it's one of the few shows of this type that legitimately makes me laugh on its own merits. It's not just cute, it's actually really funny.

So what do I think of the new season? I think it's just as good as it's ever been, maybe a little better. The Addie and Jake relationship is great, much better than the Addie/Randy relationship, which was akin to an anchor. Their relationship is really sweet and funny. I shouldn't be so hard on Randy, he guest starred on the last episode "The Two Timer", which was the best episode of the season yet, and maybe the best episode of the show yet. Unless the best episode of the season was the one with Rob Hottie. Or the one with the girl who got expelled from Catholic School. Or, etc., etc. It's been a remarkably consistent season, and I'm loving it.

The main problem I have with the show is that the supporting cast is pretty weak. Emma Roberts apparently bugs a lot of people, but I think she's outstanding. She's right up there with Kay Panabaker right now for my favorite. Her timing is great, and I love her trademark eye rolls! She's not a great singer, no, but I think it works for the show. But apart from her, Malesa Jow, Jordan Calloway, and Tadhg Kelly are merely ways of passing the time while Emma's not on the screen. Of those, Jordan Calloway most frequently has good moments, and he has been pretty funny this season, but there isn't generally too much for his character to do.

Fortunately, it's a one person show. As long as it keeps its extremely clever plots, good dialogue, and Emma Roberts, it's gonna be a great show no matter what. It's just sometimes I wish other people agreed with me.

I don't even know why it bothers me that other people don't like the show. When it comes to pop music I can often have idiosyncratic tastes, but there's such a strong pop music community on the internet I forget how unusual they are "in real life". Like, I just get to thinking that of course Britney is a classic and the Paris Hilton album was under-rated and Hilary Duff rules and etc., etc. It would be great if there was a similar community related to my taste in TV and movies, and maybe there is, but I know nothing about it. (In the meantime, if you really need an even-handed, objective review of a pre-teen TV show or a romantic comedy, or a high school/college movie there's always here.)

Thus, The TCR recommends you check out Unfabulous which airs Sunday nights on Nickelodeon at 8:30, on the nights when it isn't preempted.

(Speaking of Emma Roberts, I promised a review of Nancy Drew, but actually I wrote that movie up in my mid-year wrap up and my opinions on it have not really changed since then. Still a B+/A- type movie, and still one of the 4 or 5 best films I've seen this year.)

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Blogger Avie said...

Well, I'm not exactly over my teen years, yet, more like going right through them at the moment. But I will say that Unfabulous does have its moments for me. If I see it on, I'll watch, but I don't tune in especially for that show. Phil of the Future is one of my favorite shows, though maybe I should say was.

Emma acts alright, she has pretty good comic timing, but yes, she is not a great singer. I don't mind for the show, because it's in her character, and it's not as if she's horrible but if she does release an album, well, it better be very well produced.

As for your blog, I've enjoyed reading it, and I think I'll continue to check up on it from time to time. I always enjoy reading reviews about the pop music scene and the teen oriented TV shows/movies.

3:24 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I just found this blog, and I have to say I hope you continue writing. I thought I was the only college-educated male in his 20s who enjoyed teen pop music. As an aside, I think you'd enjoy the latest album by Roisin Murphy, who is certainly not marketed towards teens (although they did play a track in the latest episode of Grey's Anatomy) but certainly is pop.

11:22 AM  

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