Tuesday, September 28, 2004

On Board Games

No, I am not completely abandoning my blog again...my time in the past week has been taken up by something else, and that is what this post is about.

My little brother introduced me to WordBiz about a month ago, which he found out about through one of his friends from school. WordBiz is the online scrabble club, it's a piece of software you download, and you can use it to play Scrabble with people online. In fact, they even have player ratings which are similar to chess ratings...if you win a game your rating goes up, if you lose it goes down (how much it goes up or down depends on the rating of your opponent and the margin of victory or defeat). My rating is 1067 right now, which I would say is about average...My average score per game is 338 and per move it is 15. Just for comparison let me look up the average scores per game and move for the top rated player...He averages 432 per game and 27 per move.
Yes Scrabble is pretty fun and I used to think it was the best board game ever. But, I was wrong...oh so wrong. You see the best board game of all time is a variant of Scrabble called Clabbers.


Clabbers is a variant of Scrabble in which the word you play only has to be an anagram of a playable Scrabble word...in other words you don't have to play the letters in order. So if you wanted to play toxin on your first move, you could arrange the letters so that the x is on the double letter score, which would give you more points. Clabbers is easy to explain but very very complicated to play since it increases all the possibilities by about a million. For example, let's say the word "rtae" is on the board, which is playable since it anagrams to rate. There are many possiblities here...you can put a d on the end (which makes rated), or a g (for grate) or an s (stare), etc...

Really though last night I watched a game of Clabbers on WordBiz between Brian Capelletto and Trey Wright, who most of you have never heard of, but they are 2 of the best Scrabble players in the world (in fact, Capelletto won the World Championships in 2001 and Trey Wright won the North American championships this year)...the game was beyond insane. Example: the word "aictnu" was on the board (which anagrams to "tunica" apparently a word in Scrabble), and Brian in the process of using all his letters put an l at the end of it to make "lunatic"...and so on. They were making 9 letter anagram words hooking off 8 letter anagrams, etc. The final score was 598-497.
So that's it, a pointless post, but I do have to recommend you guys play Clabbers some time.

Download WordBiz at www.isc.ro my username is miserlou so if you do download it, talk to me and we can play a game of Scrabble or Clabbers together...

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