Saturday, December 23, 2006

Have a Very Merry Teenpop Christmas

Jordan Pruitt and the TCR wish you all Happy Holidays.

Day 13 of the TCR Christmas Extravaganza (final day)

Well, this is it for me this year. My blog is going on a break until the new year, whence I will commence with brief year-in-review content, then go on to my usual blatherings. To close it out, I will present the OFFICIAL TCR TEENPOP CHRISTMAS MIX for all to listen to.

Not much commentary because it's basically composed of all the songs I've written about plus a few bonus tracks.

Very Merry Teenpop Christmas

1. Ali Lohan - "Lohan Holiday"
2. Hanson - "Everybody Knows the Claus"
3. 'N Sync - "Merry Christmas, Happy Holidays"
4. S Club 7 - "Perfect Christmas"
5. B2K ft. IMX - "My First Christmas"
6. Mariah Carey - "All I Want for Christmas Is You"
7. Cheetah Girls - "Five More Days 'Til Christmas"
8. Girls Aloud - "I Wanna Kiss You So (Christmas in a Nutshell)"
9. Aly & AJ - "Greatest Time of Year"
"Not This Year" is a better song, but it does have anti-Christmas lyrics. This is a happy album! Plus this is a great song too.
10. Hilary Duff - "Santa Claus Lane"
11. Christina Aguilera - "This Christmas"
12. Crazy Frog - "Jingle Bells"
Not the best song, but it wouldn't be a teenpop Christmas album without a cover of an extremely inane Christmas carol, now would it!
13. Skye Sweetnam - "Why Doesn't Santa Like Me"
h/t Cure for Bedbugs
14. Wham - "Last Christmas"
So frequently covered it had to be included, plus it's a good song. And Wham! was a teenpop band back in their day

No "Santa Don't Stop" because I couldn't find the mp3 to download anywhere! Boo! Of course, it would certainly have been included on this album (and would have been one of the better songs) if I had been able to find the mp3.

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