Sunday, November 12, 2006

10 Reasons Why Summerland Season 2 Was 10x Worse Than Season 1

Sorry, it's been a while yet again.

1. Bradin Westerly (Jesse McCartney). The average number of times per episode I want to punch him in the face is approximately 10. He's so unbelievably selfish that it borders on absurdity. I know that most high school kids are jerks, and that there's hardly a 16 year old out there that isn't a selfish idiot. I know I was when I was 16. But there are limits to how big a dick a character can act like and still be remotely likeable. Bradin shatters that limit within about 2 episodes.

2. Simon was the most boring character ever and had no chemistry with Ava (Lori Loughlin). I think this was supposed to be intentional, as ultimately their lack of chemistry is what ultimately results in their wedding being called off. But this was still a retarded storyline. NOTE TO PRODUCERS: I don't want to watch boring people with no chemistry be involved in a doomed relationship. Even though this happens in real life, that's one of those things I generally like to see glossed over.

3. Waaaaaay too much time spent with Ava's boring business ventures. The writers apparently labored under the impression that we are extremly fascinated by whether Ava's fashion design business was pulled off. And not only that but we needed to see it be pushed along by a ridiculous and offensive gay stereotype character. This impression is incorrect. This is a teen show, focus on the teen characters please. Especially Kay Panabaker.

4. Derrick's hair + character assassination. Season 2 was broken up for a couple months when it aired, and it was treated as two mini-seasons. The first mini-season took place during the school year, and it then skipped straight into summer vacation. When they came back, Derrick (the youngest Westerley kid) had gotten a new and HORRIBLE hair cut. In addition, he was all of the sudden really into skateboarding (had he even been shown skateboarding before? I can't remember. Certainly it wasn't an important part of his character). Also he was acting like a selfish jerk, just like Bradin! The show had too many a-holes that I want to punch in the face already. He was better when he was a pointless dead weight, like in the first season. At least then I didn't hate him.

5. Everybody is so mean to Nikki (Kay Panabaker)! Why is Amber in so few episodes? Plus Cameron (Zac) consistently and efficiently acts like a jerk to her in every single encounter they have over the course of the season. But yet she's still in love with him! Nice guys lose, be a jerk. And why did the gay guy from the book group (played by Will Stronghold from Sky High) ask her out on what clearly appeared to be a date, then be shocked when she thought it was the same (note that Nikki had no way of knowing he was gay at the time)? Clearly state your intentions jerk.

6. Carmen Electra guest stars in about 6 episodes and is horrible. Plus the way they wrote her out of the show was stupid. After she dies she is hardly talked about at all.

7. The fact that the kid's parents recently died is hardly acknowledged at all. Good to know they've been forgotten about already. They don't even have a picture up or anything!

8. Christy Carlson Romano as the spoiled pop star was ridiculous and over the top and much, much more annoying than funny. PLEASE stick to your bread and butter of teen drama!

9. The sequence where Nikki has to read a poem in front of a large audience to win an award, and then Amber gives her some alcohol is one of the least realistic scenes ever captured by camera. Nikki gets drunk off of part of one drink of Schnapps. Then she acts extremely over the top drunk, like a vaudeville parody of a drunk person. Then she goes up on stage and reads her poem perfectly, the alcohol having taken the edge off her nerves or something? Nice message to send to the kids, there.

10. The storyline where Bradin takes perfomance enhancing drugs to improve his surfing was laughably cliched and horrible. Worst storyline ever. In fact the entirety of the surfing storylines in season 2 pissed me off. At the beginning of the season he can't even crack the starting lineup on his school's surf team, and then a couple months later he's a national surfing champion. Come on. Then, he's portrayed as some kind of MASSIVE superstar. They mention that ESPN is calling him! PEOPLE DON'T CARE ABOUT SURFING. WHY DOES THIS SHOW PRETEND THAT THEY DO? Way, way too surfing centric, this season was.

Bonus 11th reason:
11. It sullies Danielle Panabaker's good name by having her guest star in two episodes.

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The thing i really and mostly hate about it is Zac Efron being such a jerk in the story...

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