Monday, October 09, 2006

Teen Culture Aspects Which I Do Not Love

The most common criticism my blog receives is that it seems I have no quality control measures in place as to what I love. Sample quote: "Do you just find one new teen pop icon to pine after every week?" First of all I only pine after Kay P, Aly Michalka and Emma Roberts, so not a new one every week. And yet, I cannot help but feel this is a fair criticism, as one could easily get the impression from reading my blog. This is because I only ever feel compelled to write about things I truly love and never about things I hate or feel neutral about. In the interest of fair time and in order to demonstrate I do have some discretion as to who and what I am enamored with, here is the TCR Hall of Shame:
Drake and Josh: Dear lord, this show is virtually unwatchable, and the pseudo-homosexuality vibes between Drake and Josh leap off the screen and are most unsettling. A very pale imitation of Boy Meets World. Pass.
Vanessa Ann Hudgens: Almost ruined High School Musical for me, and her new single is horrible.
Ashley Tisdale: She's an OK singer and actress and is reasonably attractive, but overall I can't make myself to care about her one way or the other.
Miley Cyrus: Great singer, but quite possibly the worst actress in the history of television to be given her own show. Her horrible acting has pretty much ruined the show for me. What were you thinking, Disney?
Zoey 101: Named after Zoey, but yet she's not usually the main character in the show. And yet all the action seems to revolve around her and how perfect she is, even when not on screen. But she's annoying, and Jamie Lynn Spears is an awful actress who conveys no warmth to the screen. Maybe the worst show on television today.
Dylan and Cole Sprouse: If wanting to punch them in the face is wrong, I don't wanna be right.
Emma Roberts' Music: Love her so much as an actress but this album is really bad and she is not a good singer AT ALL.
Jump5: I'm so very, very glad that their shining day on Radio Disney has passed. I can't even imagine anybody over the age of 12 liking this.
Cow Belles: The Aly & AJ movie. What an incredible disappointment. Aly is so amazing on Phil of the Future but she's clearly phoning it in here. The Michalkas both give wooden performances, the plot is hackneyed and boring and the characters are unlikeable. Nothing to recommend this movie, even though it stars Aly. 2 out of 10.
Hayden Panettiere: Her acting on Heroes is pretty bad and her character is boring. She was in Tiger Cruise, the 9/11 DCOM, and she wasn't good in that either. Her singing career was so bad that her own official website doesn't even mention it. Deservedly second tier.
Aquamarine: Sorry Emma, I love you on Unfabulous, but all of your other projects have been terrible. Show some discretion in the scripts you take!
Raven-Symone: Written about her before and so thus I don't want to pile on. But, seriously, her mugging is unbearable, her acting is atrocious, and she ruins any project she is in. I know some people like her, and good for them, but there is not an actor/actress working today who I can less stand.
Life With Derek: Why does this exist? A waste of quality talent.
Haylie Duff: Pathetic hanger on and may be ruining her sister's career. Go away please.
Cheyenne Kimball: The show and the music are boring. She comes off as a spoiled brat on the show, though that may just be unfavorable editing.
The Hills: So boring that it put me to sleep.
Of course I have nothing bad to say of Kay Panabaker or any Kay Panabaker affiliated product. This is all just my opinion so please don't be offended. That's enough bitterness for now. Hopefully I have restored the faith of the readership of my blog.

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Blogger bu034foa said...

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Anonymous Lauren said...

What project of Kay P's made you adore her so much? I can't get past the fact that she still looks 12 years old, and takes really boring roles.

Miley was bad in the first few eps (yet better than Emily Osment, god), but she's improving just like Hilary did in Lizzie McGuire. Hopefully she and Vanessa Hudgens are taking acting lessons together so V's performance in HSM 2 isn't as much of a train wreck.

Ashley Tisdale has zero appeal. She's a good comedic actress, but she's taking the exact same path as Hilary even though she has none her charm. She's not the least bit pretty like Hilary (even though Disney forced her to change her kinky brown hair) to cover for her awful voice, on top of the fact that she's of legal drinking age and acting like she can relate to the people who watch her show. So twisted.

4:47 AM  
Blogger Greg said...

Good questions Lauren.

The projects that made me love Kay P were Debbie Berwick on Phil of the Future and Jamie on Read It and Weep. I also love her on Summerland, but I didn't see it until after I was a fan. As for boring roles, I love Debbie Berwick, and also thought RIAW was well above average for a DCOM. Agreed that Summerland is pretty bad, but I like her on it nonetheless.

I've noted Miley's improving acting. Point noted as re: Hilary. I recently saw an old episode of Lizzie and man her acting was pretty bad when it started. She had the character totally nailed by the end though.

Funny comments re: Tisdale though overstated I think. She was really good as Sharpay I thought.

12:37 PM  

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