Sunday, September 17, 2006

News in the World of Teen TV


The new Discovery Kids season is starting up, according to some promos that I've seen on the channel recently. I'm not totally sure what date the shows are starting up on, and what shows are getting new seasons, but I will obviously keep you updated on this as more info comes out. I do know that it features new seasons of Flight 29 Down and Endurance, which are the only two shows that matter on the channel other than the already cancelled Strange Days at Blake Holsey High. And really, who cares if there are new seasons of Saddle Club or Trading Spaces: Boys vs. Girls or Darcy's Wild Life.

Capsule Summary - Flight 29 Down: A group of high school kids are stranded on a desert island when their plane crashes. OK, a direct rip of Lost, but a reasonably entertaining show. Noteable as the show that features Corbin Bleu of High School Musical fame.

Capsule Summary - Endurance: Kids are divided up into teams of 2, one guy and one girl, and put into an exotic location where they engage in physical missions and are progressively removed from the island. OK, a direct rip of Survivor, but still a reasonably entertaining show. Interesting point: instead of being voted off, the winner of that week's mission selects two teams to go up into "the temple". While in the temple, they decide who gets eliminated by A GAME OF ROCK PAPER SCISSORS.

Capsule Summary - Strange Days at Blake Holsey High: More than a capsule.


Disney is rearranging their daily 6PM-8PM lineup to incorporate their new animated series The Replacements into it. As it currently stands, that lineup is That's So Raven -- The Suite Life of Zack and Cody -- Phil of the Future -- That's So Raven. The natural thing to do would be to remove Phil or one of the airings of Raven since those shows have been cancelled, but it's not exactly clear how they are gonna readjust their schedule at this point. Note to Disney programmer in change of Phil of the Future: stop showing "The Giggle" and "Broadcast Blues" every week and start showing more Debbie Berwick episodes.

Capsule Summary - The Replacements: The first few episodes of this show have been reasonably entertaining but I'm not sure how this bodes for the Disney Channel. After years of Nickelodeon ripping off Disney, this show is a direct, obvious bite of Nickelodeon. And not only that, they are moving it to their daily night-time lineup? I guess Disney wants to grab some of that kid's cartoon share that it is currently getting blasted on.


Cory in the House, the new spinoff of That's So Raven starring Rondell Sheridan and Kyle Massey, has been announced as premiering on November 10. In this show, Rondell gets a job as chef to the President, so they move to the White House and certainly much zaniness ensues. I'll be reporting on that once it premieres, it will be interesting to see if the audience will follow the show sans-Raven.

The Amazing O'Malleys will premiere earlier next year. The show centers around two fraternal twins who are wizards and use their magical powers to save people, but live the lives of normal teens! This is the obvious successor to Phil of the Future and hopefully it will be as good. Note that the stars of the show are not actually fraternal twins.

More information upcoming on the future Disney Channel original movies (Disney has truly hit a new low) and other stuff later.

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nice job leaving information for us but when is the show the Amazing O'malleys going to start or did it already start and if it did is it on disneychannel,fox,abc,mtv, or where is the channel its supposed to be on?

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