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The IMDB Message Board Game

The Internet Movie Database, as everybody knows, is a large website that hosts information on movies and TV shows. The best aspect is that every actor, actress, movie, TV Show, or anything on this website has its own message boards, and these message boards are filled with oft barely literate fans. Perusing the IMDB message boards is quite possibly my favorite time wasting activity to perform on the internet. To bring you this joy, I have decided to play a blogging game. In this game, I pick a page on IMDB, either for a person or a movie or a TV show. Then I post a random part from some message about this person/movie/show. Your task is to guess from this message, who or what was it written about. Remember that if it is about a person it doesn't necessarily HAVE to be an actress. Virtually every significant celebrity of the past 50 years, be they from movies, TV, music, or whatever, has a page/message board on IMDB. I will first post the message, then as a hint say what category of page this applies to. Good luck! Answers posted by me in the first comment to this post.

Some of these will have more information and be more difficult than others.

1. in fact in person her face is bad, so is her terrible singing, she shouts more than she sings!!ugh!! clive davis's writing and production team is keeping this overrated performer going! [Person - Singer]

2. lol so what if they are cheating on their boyfriend/girlfriend? you see, one is not tied to one's boy/girl-friend. one is with such a person for a simple reason - attraction. and if one meets a person he's more attracted to... need I continue? [Movie - Romantic Comedy]

3. <> got screwed entering the role as Carrie. Shes probably the worst bitch ever. First of all, she cheats the heck out of everybody. That furniture salesman, and shes with big when hes in a relationship. Second, she thinks its puny to take the bus "Oh look at me, im to precious to take the bus", well thanks for dissing all the bususers (Like myself) Third, she cant handle any kinds of challenge. Whenever something comes her way, she either starts crying or run away. And becides all this, she screams a lot (What a hidiuos scream) and shes afraid of everything. [TV Show]

4. I know it is just a set, but couldnt they have shot on location? I lived on Nantucket for 8.5 years, and it is not like the show. in fact, it is very hard just to pay for your house! [TV Show]

5. I suppose he doesn't have the reputation to 'deserve' an Oscar. To be honest I would say the only performance he's made which was truly deserving of at least a nomination was 12 Monkeys. Saying that, if Denzel can win for Training Day for example then maybe he should have been up for a few gongs by now. [Person]

6. One of my favorite parts is the old man who is sitting outside of the hardware store when Adam goes in. The old man has a little monologue which is pretty pointless but extremely funny. "He's got that hair down to his shoulders. He tells me just, just trim it a little." I always laugh like crazy at that part. Anyone else have any small parts that are their favorite from this movie? [Movie]

7. I mean, why are all of the guys so madly in love with her? She got Dean to cheat on his wife for her, and Jess, who is a jerk to everyone, she gets him to admit he loves her. Logan was a playboy who went from fling to fling, but she got him to call her his "girlfriend". Also, Marty had the hots for her, that Trevor dude asked her out, and she got Paris to kiss her. Haha....Logan was 22 when he got his first girlfriend. That is sad..... [TV Show]

8. Anyway, to answer your question Her father was Welsh and her mother is Croatian (from Wikipedia and a few other sites) [Person - Actress]

9. I may be slightly off, but after Aurora finds out she's a princess and sobs on her bed, neither her nor Philip have any more lines! We hear crying from her, but that's about it. Philip doesn't even gasp or make any audible sounds for the rest of the movie. Wouldn't you think that, being the main characters, they'd say SOMETHING? [Movie]

10. _____ is a metaphor for rebirth. I do not know if we are reborn, but it is difficult to dismiss. Even in our own lives, you cannot avoid the fact that the same stuff comes around again and again (or does not go away) until we change something, or learn somethin, or stop something. It is the evolution of the soul. Even the bible accepts rebirth. Or it did before the vatican edited it out! There are still clues in what is left, badly translated and misunderstood, but it is there, even though the church has long taught otherwise. [Movie]

11. i know most topics say this but i can't resist saying this once more! he is such a talent going to waste! ______ is one of my favorite actor despite race. his just so damn good he could be black, white, green or blue! it really hurts my soul when i read or see something about him because i always think he is a great actor who keeps making bad movies! he was genius on <> (love the film because of him) and man of honor. like someone said in the 'judging amy' forum about the actor who plays 'bruce van exel', there are great black actors but hollywood only seems to like denzel! yes denzel is great but he is not the only one! [Person - Actor]

12. From the overall design of the habits, the convent was Dominican nuns, which means Mary Robert was a postulant (no wimple, short skirt, white blouse); she would move up to being a novice (full habit with white veil), then take full vows and receive a black veil. [Movie - so obvious but included for the funny over-analysis]

13. Though all the boys were yummy to look at they'd have nothing if it wasn't for their daddy. I love everything about Ben. His personality, his fatherly ways, his wisdom and intelligence. Physically well... there is of course that deep soothing baritone voice, that gorgeous head full of silver hair (and chest hair to match!), that drop dead smile and those piercing brown eyes. [TV Show]

14. She is the most beautiful woman in the world, she is wonderful, talented.. I don't have words.. There aren't words to explain how is ____*!! I really love her, like a mom and she is my biggest inspiration to do everything!! [Actress - Movie credits include Beethoven]

15. Ow there is so many [favorite episodes] for me. Umm lets see... Welcome to the Hellmouth Pt1 & Pt2, Puppet Show (I love Syd), Prophacy Girl, Dark Age, Passion, What's My Line Pt1 & Pt2, Halloween, Ted, Becoming Pt2, Graduation Day Pt1, Anne, The Gift, Chosen [TV Show]

16. The quote is "don't need any, ____'s so predictable and stupid the man comes straight ahead he's tailor made for me and he's gona get hurt!" [Movie]

How well did you do? Read the first comment to find out!


Blogger Greg said...

1. Kelly Clarkson
2. Serendipity
3. Sex and the City
4. Wings
5. Bruce Willis
6. Beetlejuice
7. Gilmore Girls
8. Denise Richards
9. Sleeping Beauty
10. Groundhog Day
11. Cuba Gooding, Jr.
12. Sister Act
13. Bonanza
14. Bonnie Hunt
15. Buffy the Vampire Slayer
16. Rocky III

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